BillRun’s new Prepaid solution - now available for telecom operators and service providers - utilizes a dynamic data-driven online-charging system, that computes complex data usage of millions of Prepaid subscribers - in real time.

BillRun® Prepaid billing solution offers feature-rich capabilities:

  • Multiple prepaid digital wallets enable operators to define complex priority rules for subscriber payments either by usage duration, or by monetary value.
  • Infinite choice of plans, products and rates helps operators meet the needs of diversified customers.
  • Supports unlimited number of resellers, enabling them to define specific billing features, as like providers and MNOs.
  • Real-time notifications can be sent to subscribers, enabling operators to easily monitor subscriber usage, e.g., through reminders about nearing consumption of allocated data, based on volume or date.
  • Easy blocking or slowing of subscriber access when balance is depleted.
  • Blocking call to a destination to address specific subscriber requests.
  • DCB (Direct Carrier Billing) offers the option of charging for games, music and other digital services through the Prepaid bill.
  • Auto-renewable charging plans save time for operators, and eliminate hassle for subscribers.
  • Roaming - an effective way for onboarding new customers and keeping ahead of the competition.
  • Multi-channel chargeenables subscribers to recharge one or more prepaid phones, using various methods, such as: top-up cards, operator website, credit card or others.
  • Rate plans can be defined per product.
  • Charge capping ensures that once the allocated data is consumed within the predefined period (usually daily), subscribers are not charged for additional usage.
  • Encryption and authentication fully secure subscriber information.


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Find out whether you are using the best billing system available, that meets your business needs.
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