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Product catalogs

Product description, add-ons, VAS (value-added services), pricing per item, multi currency exchange rates, discount management, varied charging options by volume, plan type, duration, payment method, etc.

Plans and rates

Unlimited plans based on various measurable units, including: geographic location, distance, duration, weight, volume, and more; conditional plans offering shared discounts when bundling different service types; plans with mandatory or optional elements; multiple billing cycles, payment methods, and durations

Billing and rating engine

Diverse methods for computing charges, based on usage or subscription, including: tiered, stair-stepped, prorated and complex usage conditions; shared accounts including multiple subscribers such as a family, department, or organization, by which payment can be offset by users who exceed their allocation with others who underutilize theirs; proration is applied when users switch between plans.

Management dashboard

Online reports displaying subscriber usage summaries and trends; multiple sorting and filtering options; monitor subscriptions, churn, ARPU, lifetime value, etc. Customer and partner management Customer or subscriber information; hierarchical structure for easy monitoring; payment details, usage history, detailed usage records (CDRs) in multiple template formats; upload existing records in various formats; partner engagement terms, reseller plans, billing-on-behalf-of (BoBo) for partners, agents and promoters.

Invoicing and payment

Multiple e-invoicing templates for flexible invoice layout, taxes, integrated payment gateways, including PCI-DSS gateway to all credit cards; credit card clearing; connectors for PayPal and for online checks.


Sophisticated collection tool includes rule-based optimizer for handling recurring payment requests; alerts and notifications to indebted customers; define a suitable escalation workflow for handling non-paying customers, including API’s to provisioning systems


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