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Following the introduction of reforms by the Israeli government in 2011, cell phone plan pricing dropped by about 90%. And with five major network operators in Israel and four MVNOs, the mobile market is crowded and extremely competitive in pricing.

We4G, a well-established ISP and international call provider (Xfone 018) studied the market and decided that by creating simple, honest and transparent offerings to their customers, they could take a share of the market despite the competition. Their plan depended on efficiency and partnerships with solid suppliers. They made the decision to partner with Ericsson as the provider of the OSS stack and BillRun! Technologies as the BSS provider. With this solid foundation, they felt that they had what was needed to enter the crowded Israeli market.

We4G management decided on an aggressive timeline for service launch and worked closely with BillRun to achieve their goals within seven months. We4G made their market debut in April 2018 and immediately gained thousands of users in their first month of operation. Part of We4G’s success stems from their decision to use a fully integrated BSS stack to deliver a completely new and innovative customer experience, while at the same time automating and simplifying customer interaction. With heavy competition in a tough market, We4G needed to stand out from their competition.

The customer onboarding and engagement process makes the customer experience easy, simple and fully automated. We4G customers onboard themselves, without any manual intervention, and can complete the entire sales process within a couple of minutes. To further enhance the customer experience, the delivery of the SIM card is done via courier and the customer decides where, when and how it is delivered. We4G was able to further streamline the process by ensuring that the tools used by Xfone would be the same offered to customers for their interaction with We4G.

Another key decision made by We4G management that illustrates their commitment to excellent service and great pricing is the introduction of bundles that are easy to understand and appropriate for the needs of users. Packages are “lifetime”, which means that We4G commits to keep these bundles ‘forever’ without changing the price.

It is no wonder that today, We4G is currently leading the Israeli market in new subscribers.


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