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  • Custom Period Services: This feature was developed based on feedback from customers, and relates to measurable products and services with unusual billing cycles. The feature allows operators to define varying duration lengths of specific products or services, including start and end dates. It is typically used for international roaming packages purchased by customers, and defined, for example, as a 10-day package, a 3-month package, or any other duration.
  • Extended Rating Algorithms: With the increased usage of BillRun’s technology, we have developed a new set of advanced algorithms that enhance BillRun's rating engine. This addition to the engine’s core enhances the management of rating priorities by its ability to define complex rules. Among these rules distinct CDR elements can be combined and manipulated by BillRun’s engine according to predefined rules, which calculate the relevant rating accordingly. For example, conditional computing of certain fields in a CDR can be applied based on contents of other fields within the same CDR.
  • System and Operational Reports: BillRun Cloud now offers a series of new reports which help billing administrators and analysts to run sanity checks on the system, including:
    • Queued Lines report lists the all CDR lines which are missing, or which contain unknown or unidentified values such as product ID or subscriber ID. In such cases the ingestion process can not be completed. The report enables users to check the reasons for the absence of the fields, and decide accordingly how to process these lines.
    • Received and processed files report lists the status of all files submitted to BillRun’s input processor. Users can see whether the files have been processed, are in process, or have been rejected.
    • Third-party notifications report documents all the notifications, alerts and triggers sent from BillRun to other systems, such as OSS and provisioning systems. The report can assist as input in analyzing customer behavior.


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