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IoT for carriers:
IoT for enterprises:

Carriers Video: 
Are you a mobile carrier trying to increase your revenues through IoT? IoT/M2M integration platforms are taking the world by storm, springing up everywhere, and transmitting data from IoT devices, through billions of SIM cards and other types of transmission methods.  Are you up for the challenge of managing these vast amounts of SIMs? BillRun can help you!
Suitable for diverse business models, BillRun’s smart, flexible billing platform captures colossal amounts of data, converting different charging methods into billable transactions, instantly.

Enterprises Video:
Are you a small or medium-sized company thinking of deploying IoT in your business? You may have heard about the latest trend in the auto industry: IoT telemetry systems that track individual driving habits. This technology has raised significantly the level of sophistication of customized insurance. Whether you are involved in auto insurance or car leasing, or provide copy machines or vending-machines, you need a dynamic IoT billing system like BillRun.

BillRun captures data from millions of devices and sensors, processing complex pricing schemes, and converting transactions instantly and accurately into the right billing format – both for fixed subscriptions or usage-based charging. Ready to step into IoT?  BillRun ensures your successful deployment!


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