BillRun’s walk-through tutorial is the easiest way to familiarize new users with the billing system, sparing them the anxiety of getting thrown into the deep end.


Training that gets you started in no time

BillRun’s onboarding module is a step-by-step introduction that orients new users to the system, getting them up and running as soon as possible. Suitable for billing administrators in any field, this tutorial is designed to spare the time wasted on figuring out where to start.

Let’s begin with the heart: the invoice

To help users quickly find their way around, the walk-through begins with a self-explanatory, easy to grasp element that is also the most important part of any billing system: the invoice. Users learn exactly how every action they take affects the invoice - which is what matters most to them.

The tour starts by displaying a sample of an invoice generated by BillRun. In each step, a different section of the invoice is highlighted, providing a brief explanation and a link to the specific place in the system where that function can be performed. For example, in the Plans step a link takes the user to the Create a new plan screen.

Easy as 1-2-3

The tour begins automatically upon first login, and can be accessed any time thereafter.

Displaying a series of screens, the tutorial covers all frequently-used procedures, so users quickly master the main capabilities of the system. Procedures which are covered include:

Creating a new plan, Creating a new customer, Entering company details.  

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