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Last week we present about BillRun in the MongoDB User Group in Israel.

The presentation took place on John Bryce college and about 30 participants arrived. This is the first time the solution is talked publicity out of the internet zone, so a lot of questions raised. Feel free to contact us with questions or more info.

Many developers are unaware of the great power that Xdebug tool adds to the process of debugging a php project. In this article I will explain how to install and set up Xdebug for Ubuntu (and perhaps other linux distributions) users. After following the instructions you will be able to debug your php project whether you run it on your local Apache web server or via the command line ("cli"). The IDE is assumed to be NetBeans.

One of the main advantages of MongoDB is the high-availability, redundancy and strict consistency, which is implemented with Replicasets - group of Mongo database which runs simultaneously and contains the same data. The idea is that once one of theMongoDB replicaset with separate arbiter (from MongoDB docs) sets fails,  another one will take his job to response, even it was the primary set. It's totally automatically failure-safe and one of the basis of production deployment. In this article we will explain how to deploy such an environment including architecture.

The BillRun is built on MongoDB, which is the open-source, document database, popular among developers and IT professionals due to its agile and scalable approach. MongoDB is also known as the leading NoSQL database technology. 

Recently, we've received a lot of questions about how we implemented a billing system without a database which supports transactions nor row locks.

In this article we will try to explain how to verify integrity and concurrency using a MongoDB database. In addition, this article dispels the myth about MongoDB not being able to deal with ACID (atomic, consistent, isolated and durable) operations.

Our professional developers use NetBeans IDE, and our bug tracker is JIRA which is hosted on Atlassian. In addition, we are using BitBucket as git hosting, and is integrated to JIRA.

Recently we required to add new credit card on Amazon Web Services, and remove the old one.Amazon - no delete button for payment

After the previous MySQL Master-Master Replication, we recommended to add slaves to Masters, to reduce load on the masters.

In this article we will describe how add slave to one of our masters. You can continue to add slave(s) to another master as the this process.


We will continue the previous post, and assume we have two masters - Server A and Server B, and we will add Server C as slave for Server A.

We are using AMI (Amazon EC2) distribution, but you can use your favor Linux distribution.

Lastly we moved our website to Amazon and after configure Joomla, Nginx and MySQL, we received “Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error” from Joomla.

One of our expertise is to give our clients high-availability products. In many solutions we are implementing different types of replication.

Our favor replication is master-master or active-active, which give the product stability and long-term life-cycle. MySQL can implement it easily, and this blog post come to give simple quick-start guide to beginners and advanced MySQL users


MySQL master-master implemented as Master-Slave in dual-way, means every master think the other is slave and opposite. We will demonstrate 2 servers of replication but you can do it with 3 or more, in star topology. In addition, each master can have one or more slaves to scale reads (very recommended on master-master). 

We will implement the master-master in Amazon (AWS EC2) environment with AMI Linux distribution, but you can do it in your own environment with your favorite distribution.


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