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More than just a name, the new BillRun brand demonstrates our company’s commitment to embrace big-data billing as its core business strategy, and its aim to become a global leader in customizable, cost-effective, open-source billing solutions.

You will continue to receive all the qualitative products and superior service from the team you know and trust, along with forthcoming exciting, new, enhanced features.

PelePhone – a leading Israeli telecom company – has signed an agreement with BillRun to implement open-source code for porting customer mobile phone numbers.

BillRun’s Debt collection mechanism is both customizable and instant, enabling telecom companies to manage debt-payment defaults effectively and professionally while retaining customer loyalty

The telecom industry is undergoing a major transformation, as consumers and businesses seek faster, better and more specialized service levels from their CSP’s. This poses new challenges and opportunities for telecom operators, forcing them to redefine and digitize their core business.

Lately MongoDB release rc-0 for 2.8 version which includes document-level-lock through wiredtiger storage engine. We were so curious that we tested it with BillRun - open source billing for enterprise. Most of our deployment use billions of CDRs, so we couldn't wait for production version to check what is the affect on our application stack.

Recently we changed the repository remote source and structure. We did not want to change local files and directories, as well as using same project in the current environments. Here is short command list to change the repo url.

Tel Aviv - August 27, 2014, S.D.O.C. Ltd., the home of BillRun, is proud to announce that BillRun, the open source billing for enterprise, reached this month to 3 millions invoices, after 8 months. 

Lately we required to deploy cluster (sharding) environment with 2 shards.

When you're moving feature from development environment to production environment, we must to test in sharded environment, because some features failed in one locale mongos after moving from single mongod instance, specially when you're make database updates, because on some scenarios shard key usage required.

BillRun Technologies Ltd., creators of BillRun, are seeking outstanding senior PHP developers and DevOps to join our team.

If you're an energetic and motivated team player, we want you.

Have you ever waited a while for a query to finish only to find out that it's not going to end in a reasonable time? Does your system consist of many shards?


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