The Perfect Billing And Invoicing Solution: BillRun Cloud.


BillRun Cloud offers startups and SMBs the best of all worlds: A simple, affordable billing solution that is also flexible, providing rich functionality and scaling out as your business grows. Suitable for a variety of environments and services, BillRun Cloud is a multi-currency, multi-lingual system, fully secured through SSL encryption.

  • You are charged by the number of subscribers, so even small companies can experience rich billing functionality.
  • Our open-source billing system is far less complex than traditional systems, reducing costs and providing operators with the ability to manage all subscribers on a single billing platform.
  • BillRun enables you in real-time to monitor services, authenticate subscribers and check account balances before delivering service to the end-user.

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More and more businesses worldwide put their trust in our Open-Source solutions

Eli Rabby, CIO of Golan Telecom

"Due to the resource-intensive maintenance of our legacy systems, we were looking for a simple and yet sophisticated solution for our billing. BillRun's platform not only helps us reduce costs substantially but it also gives us the flexibility needed in today's fast pace environment to adapt to changes and introduce new features. I'd highly recommend BillRun to any company looking for a big data billing solution"

Aharon Huberman, Development Director at Pelephone

“Pelephone aims to continuously enhance its core infrastructure. This new system is one of its kind in Israel. It provides us with advanced high-accuracy monitoring of data usage, and the ability to increase capacity in real time, per customer needs. This is an additional step in our successful collaboration with BillRun Technologies, which included the installation of a new mobile number portability solution, also developed by BillRun”

Martin Péronnet, CEO of Monaco Telecom

"It is probably one of the first times in the world that an incumbent operator offering a complete B-to-B and B-to-C telecom solution for mobile, fixed, television, voice, data and hosting has accomplished such a transformation. We have chosen BillRun as our partner because BillRun is one of the best open-source billing systems"

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